February 5, 2013

Who To Target And Why

Like a real baseball team, fantasy teams have guys that aren’t sexy, don’t put up the big numbers, but they just flat out help. They contribute a little in all 5 main categories, absolutely kill it in 1 category, are an utter steal at the draft, a little of all 3. Here’s a small list, based on current ADP, of guys I’ll be looking to get:

Madison Bumgarner – he’s an ace. I will be saying this till he’s thrown up 3 consecutive 5+ERA seasons, he’s on a street corner begging for change, and is sleeping in a refrigerator box. One of these years (maybe this year?) he’ll throw together a Cy Young caliber season. This year you can get him for half the cost of a Price or Cain.

Yoenis Cespedes – This is a guy on the cusp of greatness. He steals and hits for power. He might be a poor man’s version of Vlad Guerrero, or another BJ Upton. Regardless, he’ll throw up some nice power/speed stats at a discounted rate. Remember, The A's (Billy Beane) spend a boatload of money (something they never, ever, ever, ever do) to get this guy. This may be the Brad Pitt/Moneyball love talking, but that makes me believe. 

Jimmy Rollins – Remember him? No? Well last year he had over 100 runs scored, 30 stolen bases, and chucked in 23 home runs. And that was on a team that completely bombed! Remember him now? Do not be scared off by his age. The Phillies should be healthier, thus better this year. Shortstop is already a weak position, so don’t reach on a huge question mark like Tulo. Just sit back and wait for this ol Jimmy.

Doug Fister – This guy…The Fist...is a must have. Again, he does a little of everything, and if his 2012 season wasn’t derailed by fluky injuries he’d be going a lot high than the 10th round.

Alcides Escobar – Let me ask you a question…Of the current preseason top 15 shortstops, who was 2nd is stolen bases and 3rd in average? If you guessed anyone other than Alcides Escobar just stop reading and find help and direction in life. Yes Escobar is a 2 category guy, but those are 2 categories that are generally an afterthought. People always want the power guys, thus, generally, tanking their average and speed. Escobar is great to plug into a middle infielder spot and forget about.

Jeff Samardzija – Grab him now people. He will not be available in the 15th round after this year.

Adam Dunn – There were 6 players that hit over 40 home runs last year. Of those 6, 2 are first rounders, 2 are 2nd rounders, 1 is a 3rd rounder and 1 is a 18th rounder?! Why no love? Yes he’ll completely destroy your average, whatever! Draft accordingly! 40 home runs are 40 home runs. 

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