January 28, 2013

2013 Mock Draft #1 - Results

Over the weekend I took part in my first Mock Draft of the 2013 Fantasy Baseball Season.  I used my updated rankings and projections which can be found at ClubhouseGM Rankings & Projections.  The draft was put on by the guys over at MLBDirt who did a great job pulling this together.  The format was Roto with the standard 5x5 categories (r, hr, rbi, sb and avg for hitters and w, s, k, era and whip for pitchers).  There were 12 teams and we drafted the following positions; C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, OF, OF, OF, OF, UT, UT, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P and three Bench spots.  I ended up with the #2 pick, which usually I'm not a big fan of having in a snake draft, but it works out well this year as you get one of the big three (Miggy, Braun or Trout).  Here are the players I drafted and my thoughts about each pick. 

PosPlayerRndOvPlayer picked after that I should have considered
3BCabrera, Miguel - DET12I have him number 1 overall (consistency and position) so I was happy to see him fall to me at #2. 
OFHeyward, Jason - ATL223I like Longoria in the late 2nd, but I already had Miggy
SSCastro, Starlin - CHC326Beltre & Wright are good picks in the 3rd, but I already had Miggy.  I think Hanley is comparable to Castro, but I like the AVG boost more than a slight boost in counting stats.  Latter in the draft its tough to get HR & SB with a good AVG
1BGonzalez, Adrian - LAD447I was hoping a good 1B fell to me with this pick and I had my pick from A Gon, Goldschmidt and Rizzo.  I like the pick, but had I know I could've gotten Rizzo in round 9 I may have used this pick on an OF like Choo, Cespedes or BJ Upton
SPGreinke, Zack - LAD5504th/5th/6th round is when I like to grab my first SP and I was estatic that Greinke was still on the board
OFGordon, Alex - KC671I probably should have grabbed another SP with one of these picks and I may have reached a bit for Gordon/Jennings, but they are still young with room to grow.
OFJennings, Desmond - TB774I have Jennings down for 100+ runs, 15-20 HRs, 70+ rbi, 40+ SB and a .270 average.  Basically Jose Reyes (2nd rounder) but in the OF and slightly less AVG.
PChapman, Aroldis - CIN895This pick got a lot of negative comments, but in the 8th round I get a guy that could produce top 10 pitcher numbers.  Theres certainly risk, but wherever he ends up (rotation/bullpen) I love high K guys and he is one of the best
OFPence, Hunter - SF998I timed out here and computer picked the top guy in queue.  Not a terrible pick, but I was about to grab Medlen.  As often happened throughout my guy was taken right before my pick (even though only one guy and two picks seperated them.  I wanted Chapman and Gallardo, should've went the other way and grabbed Gallardo first.
SPKuroda, Hiroki - NYY10119I think there is another clear drop off in tallent level after the 8th/9th round.  Kuroda isn't a sexy pick, but his consistency offsets Chapmans question marks.
2BWeeks, Rickie - MIL11122Some better players (Cruz, Swisher, Samardzija) came off the board after this pick, but there wasn't much left at 2B after Weeks and I do like his power/speed combo. 
CMontero, Jesus - SEA12143I like him more than most and although I don't like to reach for a catcher, I also don’t mind having a player whose floor is likely 20 HRs and a .270 average with potential for much more
SPMinor, Mike - ATL13146Not drafting a pitcher until round 5 I know I'm going to need to find some good bargains late.  Minor has high K's and was a bit unlucky last year, he could be a good steal here. 
CIMoustakas, Mike - KC141673B is shallow.  Moustakas isn't the talent some thought he would be and that probably makes some disregard him, but he's a decent 3B option and a good CI in my opinion.
SPPeavy, Jake - CHW15170At this point I'm starting to worry about my pitching.  Some guys I hoped would fall here (A Sanchez, Lester, Wilson) are gone and I thought Peavy was an ok risk/reward here.  Brett Anderson was taken with the next pick and I would have rather had him. 
UTMyers, Wil - TB16191I was debating guys like Kubel, Revere and Soriano.  When I get to that point I start looking at the sleepers/rookies.  Myers could start in the minors, but he could also be a ROY candidate and greatly outperform this draft spot.  (Profar, Machaco, D'Arnaud and Bundy are others to start considering when the pickin's get slim). 
RPRivera, Mariano - NYY17194He seems to be healthy and if he was he'd be drafted 10 rounds higher.  At this point I'm ok with taking a closer, especially the best of all time. 
RPMiller, Shelby (R) - STL18215Back to my rookie comment, only difference is that he's done it in the bigs (if only for a couple games).  A good chuck of the guys drafted from here on out will end up on waivers at some point - depending on roster and transaction limits I'd prefer to grab the guys with higher upside.  Other picks I could have had here (Mallon, A Reed and R Madson - again high risk/reward).
MIRamirez, Alexei - CHW19218Not crazy about this pick, but I needed to fill my MI spot and there wasn't much left.  At least he can provide counting stats and won't hurt in any category. 
SPMarcum, Shaun - NYM20239Coming out of the draft my pitching isn't going to wow anyone, but getting Marcum this late was a big boost to my rotation IMO. 
UTDunn, Adam - CHW21242If you draft Dunn you can pretty much gaurauntee you wont finish tops in the league with average (or likely very close to it).  That said, we have deep rosters, I have some pretty solid AVG guys and 80+ runs, 40 HRs and 90+ RBIs is pretty aweseom in the 21st round.
RPCishek, Steve - MIA22263Was really hoping Houston Street or Rick Bauer (ha!) would fall to me here, but I did want to add another potential closer.  I don't like to pay for saves, but I don't think punting that category is wise either
SPJackson, Edwin - CHC23266A lot of pitchers I'd rather have went off the board after this pick (Bundy, Bauer, Beachy, Fiers, etc.).  I grabbed E Jax because of his consistency - problem is he's consistenty average
UTCarpenter, Matt - STL24287If he's able to push Descalso off of 2B (see no reason why he can't) they he could provide decent numbers across the board and be a versitle bench player to fill in for injuries, etc.

At the end of the day my lineup will look like this;

Starting Lineup
CJesus Montero
1BAdrian Gonzalez
2BRickie Weeks
3BMiguel Cabrera
SSStarlin Castro
MIAlexi Ramirez
CIMike Moustakas
OFJason Heyward
OFDesmond Jennings
OFAlex Gordon
OFHunter Pence
UTAdam Dunn
UTWil Myers
SPZack Greinke
SPAroldis Chapman
SPHiroki Kuroda
RPMariano Rivera
RPSteve Cishek
PMike Minor
PJake Peavy
PShaun Marcum
BShelby Miller
BEdwin Jackson
BMatt Carpenter

I'm very happy with this team overall.  Pitching is obviously my weakness, but I think I found pretty good value later in the draft and can supplement with some crafty waiver wire pickups or trades.  I like my offense a lot, especially for such a deep roster.  Many of my hitters have 4-5 tool capability.  If anything I might be a little light on Power (unusual for me), but if I can roster Adam Dunns terrible average (and Rickie Weeks for that matter) I should be ok there. 

Let me know what you think.  Who did I draft too early? what are my team weaknesses? 

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  1. Is there any chance that you can link to the complete mock draft?