July 12, 2012

Weekly Pickups

Not many names this week, but I tame all your "antsy-in-the-pantsy" actions. Seriously, you were thinking about picking up Ben Sheets weren't you...come on...admit it! Dude, it's ok, we've all been there. But that's what I'm here for. I'm basically your Fantasy Baseball personal trainer. I'm nicer than Jillian Michaels and have a better ass than Bob Harper. Pop in here every Thursday for your weekly dosage of who you should pickup.

1.       Ruggiano, Justin LF
·         He’s the definition of AAAA player. He’s a good 4th outfielder in real baseball, but for fantasy purposes he’s a flash in the pan.

2.       Villanueva, Carlos SP
·         Ride the streak. Vill is a flash in the pan (sense a theme here?). His K-Rate is almost 3 strikeouts higher than his career average, his ERA is a full run lower, strand rate is way up, all the while is walks have increased. There’s a huge drop-off coming. Jump ship!
3.       Aoki, Norichika OF MIL
·         Aoki was on a tear going into the All-Star break. I like him. I’d pick him up. He’ll contribute in all 5 categories.
4.       Perez, Salvador C KC 
·         Not a lot of power, but has great average. Basically a younger, more dandruffy version of Joe Mauer.
5.       Sheets, Ben SP ATL  
·         No, just no.
6.       Oviedo, Juan RP MIA
·         Formerly known as Leo Nunez. Miami is going to closer by committee, so if you’re desperate for saves grab him. I don’t think he’ll get many, but hey, saves are saves.
7.       Tillman, Chris SP BAL 
·         Another elite pitching prospect coming up the Baltimore pipeline. Tillman had a solid minor league career, but like what seems like all the pitching prospects coming up in Baltimore he seems destined to fail this year. I like him in deep keeper leagues.

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