July 5, 2012

Weekly Pickups

  1. Fiers, Michael RP MIL 
a.       Solid little pitcher that’s always had a great K/9 (~9-11). Walks have never been trouble for him, but he’s 27 coming into the year.  Bounced from closer to start in the minors, so that’s most likely the reason for his late arrival. I definitely think he’s worth a flyer in all formats.
  1. Grandal, Yasmani C SD 
a.       Great young hitting catcher that’ll do some damage for years to come, however, those years are most likely not this year or even next. Remember, catchers take longer to get acclimated to the bigs. Yes he’s been on a recent tear, but how long will that last? I’m sure in every league he should be owned he already is, but once his cold streak takes effect buy low!
  1. Cashner, Andrew RP SD 
a.       His recent injury has me a little concerned, but Cashner is a huge talent and great for keeper leagues.
  1. Estrada, Marco SP MIL 
a.       Pass…just pass
  1. Richard, Clayton SP SD 
a.       Richard always has these hot streaks, and with him being in Petco, everyone gets excited.  Pass
  1. Leake, Mike SP CIN 
a.       Interesting…vvvery interesting.  Only in deep leagues and/or NL only would I own him, but I’m a fan.
  1. Griffin, A.J. SP OAK 
a.       Has major control issues, but a very nice K rate. I can see him giving some very quality innings in the short term before they send him back down.
  1. Wood, Travis SP CHC 
a.       Same resentment as Leake.
  1. Amarista, Alexi 2B SD 

  1. Thome, Jim DH BAL 
a.       Hey, everyone needs power, and where else are you going to find it so cheap? I see at least 12 homeruns the rest of the way.
  1. Simmons, Andrelton SS ATL 
a.       Very young, almost no power, and not much speed. I think for the short term he’ll be a very hollow average player (meaning all he’ll give you is decent average and no other categories) with a couple SBs thrown in.
  1. Colvin, Tyler LF COL 
a.       Only deep and keeper leagues would I grab Colvin. He’s always shown some power, and with him being in Colorodo he’s even more enticing. However, he doesn’t have an everyday job and he’s Tyler Colvin!
With middle infield being shallow, Amarista might be a nice play for 12 team leagues. He’ll give you some solid average and some decent pop. I like him!

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