May 17, 2012

What Do I Do?

We are fast approaching the quarter pole for the fantasy baseball season. At this point everyone should know what their team’s strengths and weaknesses are. If you don’t, thanks for your free money, hope you play again next year, but for double! That $10 pitching staff you threw together at the end of your auction draft isn’t paying off is it? Waiting till the 23rd round to grab a 1B isn’t working, is it? NOPE! Which means it’s time for a change, and not in that Katy Perry magic type way, but in a “time to turn this season” around way.  *I hate Katy’s music, think she’s hot, but this magic changing thing always gets me. So here are some suggestions I recommend you do:
  • Trade for Stephen Strasburg – “Jeremy, he’s, like, the #1 pitcher in baseball, I don’t want to pay premium dollars for a guy that’s going to be shutdown in August.”-our only fan. My response – he’s not going to be shutdown. Do you honestly think the Nats will shut down their best player when they are in the thick of a playoff run? No way! Evidence to that is what Milwaukee did a few years ago when they acquired CC Sabathia. They sold the farm to get him, and rode him all the way to a first round exit. Use the “fact” that “he is going to be shut down at the end of the year” to obtain him from your trade partner.
  • As the great TMR has been saying for years “Don’t Pay For Saves”. I’m not a total believer in that, but it certainly paid of this year. Now that the season has more or less shaken out, it’s time to grab those saves guys. Chris Perez, Brandon League, Matt Capps, etc. These are the guys you want to be shooting for. They have low ranks, strikeouts, and high ERAs, but who cares! You want their 1 category…Saves. I’m sure a 3rd outfielder or starting pitcher will obtain their services.
  • So you went all out on hitting at the draft, eh? Have all 10’s or 12’s in the hitting categories, but that staff led by Bartolo Colon isn’t doing much.  Look, it’s time to suck up the pride, and trade for an ace. It sucks, I know. I’ve already done it this year, but as much as you don’t want to admit it, pitchers count too. It’s time to trade that extra hitter that you were so proud to get in the draft. Do you really need Beltre at your CI spot? Does Giancarlo Stanton need to be in you UTIL spot?  Trade them for a pair of high strikeout pitchers that have low Wins.
  • Enough with changing the team name. We get it, you’re quirky and original. You have funny puns, or can related modern day issues to baseball. Funny…ha ha…But seriously, enough is enough. When I’m on my smartphone I don’t want to be trading with PapelBon Iver one week, and Kershawshank Redemption the next. Yes this is knit-picky, but I don’t have time to make sure this is the same manager and whatnot…I have a season to win!

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