April 2, 2012

A look at ClubhouseGM's fantasy teams going into week 1

Hopefully you come here for some advice and information on how to assemble the best possible Fantasy Baseball team.  That said, you should probably get a chance to see how we assemble our own teams. 
Going into this season I planned to limit my participation to 2-3 total leagues, I ended up joining 5 (the 4 teams below plus a dynasty league at Proboards that doesn't require as much in-season monitoring).  Anyway, below is a snapshot of the 4 leagues and the rosters I was able to assemble.

League Name: MSU Alumni
Description: This is the granddaddy of them all!  This is the 9th year of the league and the majority of the owners have been in it from the start.  About half of the league went to Michigan State and we all still get together every year for the live draft (some of us from out of state).
Scoring: Standard 12 team 5x5 league with an extra IF and OF spot.  We use LF, CF, RF not OF
Draft: Auction. This is a keeper league with a pretty detailed constitution.  We are allowed to keep up to $90 worth (no limit on # of players) and players have a 3 year max contract. $260 cap.
Hitting: M Montero, J Smoak, D Espinosa, E Longoria, T Tulo, M Gamel, V Wells, J Ellsbury, J Heyward, Y Cespedes, J Montero, M Aviles, B Belt, A Ethier, M Trout
Pitching: Z Greinke, G Gonzalez, U Jimenez, M Garza, N Feliz, M Minor, A Chapman, J Motte, S Romo, A Reed

League Name: Friends & Family
Description: Just as the title implies, this is a league that my brother started.  My parents are both in it as well as some of my friends.  Looking forward to teaching everyone a little bit about how to win in Fantasy Baseball!  
Scoring: Standard 10 team 5x5 league with an extra IF and OF spot
Draft: Snake
Hitting: C Santana, M Teixeira, D Espinosa, B Lawrie, T Tulo, E Hosmer, D Young, J Ellsbury, J Heyward, Y Cespedes, J Montero, C Crawford, M Moustakas, M Aviles, B Harper
Pitching: S Strasburg, Y Darvish, G Gonzalez, M Moore, U Jimenez, M Minor, J Walden, S Santos, J Motte, C Perez

League Name: Blogzkrieg
Description: Most of the league members are members of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) and contribute to the Fantasy Baseball section.  They all have their own Fantasy Baseball blogs as well (so it’s very competitive).
Scoring: Standard 12 team 6x6 league (OBP and Holds).  They use LF, CF, RF instead of OF and have both MI and CI spots as well.  Pretty deep rosters and bench.
Draft: Slow Auction (at couchmanagers.com).  This is a really fun way to draft if you have the time.  Very interesting to see how guys filled out their rosters (true stars and scrubs vs. balance)
Hitting: B Posey, J Votto, H Kendrick, E Longoria, A Cabrera, M Avlies, E Hosmer, A Gordon, C Granderson, J Upton, A Soriano, C Rasmus, M Moustakas, L Morrison, Y Cespedes, M Gamel
Pitching: J Weaver, Y Darvish, U Jimenez, M Scherzer, A Sanchez, N Feliz, J Danks, W Rodriguez, D Pomeranz, M Minor, C Perez, K Farnsworth, M Capps

League Name: Tribe Daily Invitational
Description: I joined this league late, but think it’ll be fun.  Nino Colla from The Tribe Daily put this together and most of the league members are from the North East Ohio area (and are Tribe fans).
Scoring: Standard 10 team 5x5 league. Has IF spot and an extra OF.  Only 1 RP (9 pitching spots total)
Draft: Snake.  I drafted 1st which I wasn’t crazy about, a lot of guys off the board before your next pick.
Hitting: M Wieters, M Teixeira, R Weeks, M Cabrera, S Castro, A Dunn, C Granderson, J Bruce, D Jennings, Y Cespedes, J Montero, L Morrison, M Moustakas, A Rios
Pitching: Z Greinke, Y Darvish, U Jimenez, G Gonzalez, M Scherzer, B Morrow, M Minor, S Santos, F Francisco, B Myers

I also thought I'd be interesting to take a look at which players I ended up with on multiple teams.  Here is a list of players with the number of teams.  Ubaldo throwing at Tulo in spring training was pretty interesting, but as you can see it could(ve) had big implications for me in the fantasy world...
Ubaldo Jimenez – 4
Yoenis Cespedes – 4
Mike Minor – 4
Yu Darvish – 3
Jesus Montero – 3
Gio Gonzalez – 3
Mike Moustakas – 3
Mike Aviles – 3
Troy Tulowitzki – 2
Jacoby Ellsbury – 2
Evan Longoria – 2
Mark Teixeira – 2
Zack Greinke – 2
Curtis Granderson – 2
Eric Hosmer – 2
Jason Heyward – 2
Sergio Santos – 2
Jason Motte – 2
Chris Perez – 2
Max Scherzer – 2
Danny Espinosa – 2
Mat Gamel – 2
Neftali Feliz – 2
Logan Morrison – 2

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