April 13, 2012

End Of The Week Jargon

Word up homies! Imma ‘bout ready to slap down some freaky fantasy knowledge on you. Funny, Word really does NOT like that previous “sentence”. It’s lit up like a Christmas tree! Anyway, it’s the end of the week so I want to go over some fantasy jargon with ya! Today I’ll be going over some must adds.  *Small Disclaimer* I feel these adds/drops are for 12 team or more leagues. If you’re in a league with 10 teams or less don’t bother making moves yet. “Why’s that Jeremy?” our 1 fan asks (my mom probably. Thanks Mom!) 10 team leagues are just too shallow to make any drastic moves in the first few weeks. Yes if you had Drew Storen you can drop him for Guerra or whomever, but in general, there’s no sense dropping a guy you were proud to draft for a player playing over his head (Aramis for Freese, no dice!).  Time to get on with it:
Must Add
Any temporary closer: Look, closers are going down like flies, and I know most of you “didn’t pay for saves” in your draft, so you do not want to be left behind. Rodney – Yes! Hector Santiago-Yes! Brad Lidge – Yes! Henry Rodriguez – Yes! Francisco Cordero – Yes! (Santos looks awful)
Josh Willingham – He’s always been underrated, and is a must add…thus the reason why he’s in this section.
J.D. Martinez – Look, Houston has to score runs, right? *Chirp**Chirp* There are worse things to have than having the #3 hitter in the lineup. He’s not going to do anything great, but he will do a lot of things well. Grab him!
Raul Ibanez – He has 2 SBs and 6 RBIs. It’s a matter of playing time for Raul, and I for 1 think he gets it and produces.

Keep An Eye On
Zack Cozart – He was a sexy sleeper pick, but I’m not buying this early start. Kudos to those who drafted and started him, but I feel a huge drop-off coming soon.
David Freese – I know what I said above, but this applies to deeper leagues (remember I said that too!). I believe in David Freese’s abilities, but I don’t believe in his sustainability. I feel he’s a great pickup now, and an even better trade candidate in a month.
Edwin Encarnacion – See David Freese
Not Buying
Omar Infante – Too obvious I know, but facts are facts. He won’t keep this up.
Carlos Pena – 0.429 Batting Average, really?! The last time he batted over 0.290 was….well…he never batted over 0.290!
Austin Jackson – There’s been all this talk about his new batting stance and approach to his at bats, and I gotta say watching him live there’s a huge difference.  However, he’s playing out of his mind. I don’t see him competing for a batting title, or having a batting average over 0.315, but I can see him settling in around 0.300 this year.

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