March 29, 2012


It’s been a long layoff for me. I’d like to call it a vacation but it wasn’t. A vacation includes endless amounts of alcoholic beverages with funny names like Miami Vice, Sex On The Beach, and Corona. It has a wide array of hotties that I have to make every effort not to pull a 1980’s sunglass pull-down. I do anyway, and my wife promptly says, “seriously…that obvious?!” It should have activities I thoroughly enjoy like sleeping, wading in a pool, and/or eating extravagant foods (nachos piled a mile high!).  No, my “vacation” included drinks named Similac and Enfamil.  Hotties named Colleen, who is amazing with children, but is by no means Kate Upton. Activities that included changing poopy diapers, emptying Diaper Genies, and trying to figure out why a kid would cry for 30 minutes for absolutely no reason.  It’s all good though, wouldn’t change anything, and give much kudos to my amazing wife.
In this “vacation” a lot has happened in the world of fantasy baseball. I’d like to highlight some of the larger impacts:
  • Ryan Madson goes down for the year
    • Pick up Sean Marshall but don’t be surprised if the “Closer by Committee” takes over
  • Mike Aviles is named starting SS for Boston.
    • In deep leagues/AL only he’s a solid play. He has some pop and can steal some bags. I like him more than Yunel Escobar
  • Johan Santana named Opening Day starter
    • I’m all in!
  • Eric Thames gets the job over Travis Snider
    • Snider is still in play for AL only leagues, but in mixed I wouldn’t even look at him. Eric Thames is interesting, but only in deep leagues would I consider him.
  • Drew Storen likely to start the year on the DL
    • Brad Lidge is the handcuff here. I don’t pick him up, but any Storen owner should.
  • Lorenzo Cain gets the starting gig in KC
    • He’s got the skills, but there are going to be some serious growing pains. I wouldn’t pick him up just yet unless you’re in keeper leagues.
That’s all I got now, but I’ll periodically (once a week?) be posting about the headlines.

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