March 6, 2012

Foolhardy Fantasy Baseball Picks

One of my favorite fantasy writers is Mathew Berry, TMR. He combines humor, and self-deprecating stories with fantasy baseball.  He’s a legend! That is why I am paying him the greatest honor I can bestow upon him…copying him. Now if I can just get him to unblock me from Twitter. Anyway, here is my version of one of his famous yearly articles, “You Heard Me” / “Bold Predictions”. Now these are predictions based mostly on gut calls from me, some research to back it up, and a couple dreams I had a few nights ago. These predictions are most likely NOT to happen, but if everything goes right, and I mean everything, then these COULD happen. These predictions are mostly to highlight whom I think will have a good/bad season. Some examples to show that bold predictions and random acts of “Quality Fantasy Baseball” can happen are Ian Kennedy winning 21 games and having an ERA under 3.00, Emilio Bonifacio being a quality fantasy player, Jacoby Ellsbury hitting 32 homeruns, and countless other cases out there.

  • Mike Trout is the highest rated outfielder on the Angels by the end of the year
    • With the likes of Hunter, Wells, and Abreu in the mix this isn’t the “boldest prediction, but Trout is expected to start the year in the minors so, LAY OFF ME! I just started getting warmed up
  • Mark Trumbo doesn’t eclipse 25 homeruns
    • This has a little to do with the fact he doesn’t have a natural, fulltime position right now, and more to do with his 4.4% walk rate and 20.9% K%
  • Grant Balfour end the year with 15 saves
    • The A’s bullpen is up in the air, and they’ll be starting the year with a “Closer by Committee”. Balfour is the best of the bunch and I think he wins out eventually.
  • Colby Rasmus has a 20HR 15SB season
    • Finally!...please?
  • Adam Lind hits 33 HRs with 102 RBIs to boot!
    • Yeehaw!
  • Brandon Morrow ends the year as the ace of the Blue Jays staff
    • As you can see, I’m expecting a big year for the Blue Jays.
  • Matt Gamel shakes all the “bust” talks and clubs 20+ HRs with a 0.280+ AVG
  • Jason Motte Saves 41 games
  • Daniel Hudson Ks over 200 batters and receives Cy Young votes
  • Dee Gordon leads the NL in stolen bases
  • Shin-Soo Choo   has a 20 HR 20SB season
  • A Mariner clubs 27 Hrs, and it isn’t Jesus Montero, who won’t reach 20. It’s Justin Smoak.
  • By the end of the year, highest rated Met will be Lucas Duda (I anticipate Wright to be traded).
  • The player with the most homeruns on the Orioles will be Matt Wieters.
  • Cory Luebke will be a top 20 fantasy baseball pitcher by the end of the year.
    • I would have said,”…and receive Cy Young votes”, but he won’t win more then 12
  • Andrew McCutchen will go 30HRs and 30SBs
    • A Jacoby Ellsbury like season
  • Elvis Andrus will lead the AL in stolen bases
  • Evan Longoria will not hit more than 25 HRs, but will have 100+RBIs and a batting Avg. over 0.280.
    • I think with Pena, Jennings, and Upton on the team, Longoria will try and cut down on his strikeouts.
  • Drew Stubbs goes 20HRs/40SBs
  • Jay Bruce bashes 40+ HRs
  • The highest rated Twin by the end of the year will be Ben Revere
  • The White Sox with the most homeruns in 2012…Adam Dunn
    • I believe…wait, I believe? Ok, I guess I believe.


  1. Duda, Gordon, Choo, Luebke. Agreed

  2. 4 agreements. I think that's under 10%...I'll take it! Thanks Nick.