February 17, 2012

Multiple Position Eligibility - 2012 Edition

Players with multiple position eligibility can be a key to fantasy success.  I don’t use it as a major factor, but when you’re deciding between a couple players or whether or not to spend that extra dollar in an auction, multiple position eligibility comes into play. 

Kendrick is eligibile at 2B and OF

When you have guys that can play more than one position it opens up a lot of options for your team.   Some players are eligible at a couple different positions that are each deemed to be ‘shallow’ roster spots (2B, 3B, etc.).  These players offer you flexibility during the rest of your draft or later in the year when debating which free agent to add.  Other players are eligible at multiple positions, but one of the positions is shallow (exm. 3B) and the other is relatively deep (1B).  Obviously, you’re going to play them primarily at the more shallow position, but that doesn’t mean their dual position eligibility isn’t important.  Even if you have a top tier 1B he’ll still have 1-2 off days per week.  If you have a decent backup third basemen you can get them both in your lineup on these off days.  It will allow you to get the maximum statistical output from your team each and every day (just make sure you keep an eye on any games/innings limits). 
Players with multiple position eligibility can also be very important for your bench spots, especially in deeper leagues or leagues with limited moves and/or free agent budgets.  Obviously some of your players will get hurt during the season, but you don’t know which ones.  If you have guys on your bench that can fill in at different spots it can save you some time scouring the wire.
Remember, you’re not reaching for certain players just because they have multiple position eligibility, but it is important to understand the benefits and know which players fall into this category.  Here is a list of all of the players in our top 400 who are eligible at more than one position*;
Jose Bautista – 3B, OF
Carlos Santana- C, 1B
Lance Berkman- OF, 1B
Mike Napoli- C, 1B
Michael Young- 3B, 1B
Howie Kendrick- 2B, OF
Mark Reynolds- 3B, 1B
Emilio Bonifacio- SS, 3B
Ryan Roberts- 3B, 2B
Carlos Lee- OF, 1B
Brandon Belt- OF, 1B
Edwin Encarnacion- 3B, 1B
Michael Cuddyer- OF, 1B
Martin Prado- 3B, OF
Lucas Duda- OF, 1B
Alexi Casilla- SS, 2B
Daniel Murphy- 1B, 2B, 3B
Ryan Raburn- OF, 2B
Chris Davis- 3B, 1B
Eduardo Nunez- SS, 3B
Ty Wigginton- 3B, 1B
Ryan Theriot- SS, 2B
Sean Rodriguez- SS, 2B, 3B
Mike Aviles- 3B, 2B
Jed Lowrie- SS, 3B
Juan Rivera- OF, 1B

I also want to point out a couple guys who are sure to lose eligibility at some postions;
Buster Posey (C)- Loses 1B
Omar Infante (2B)- Loses 3B, OF
Jed Lowrie (3B, SS)- Loses 2B
Martin Prado (OF)- Loses 2B
Ty Wigginton (3B, 1B)- Loses 2B
Reid Brignac (SS)- Loses 2B

*Be sure to check your specific league setting as the games/innings played are different in each format.

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