February 14, 2012

Fantasy Baseball Player Comparison Round 1

A lot of people have been asking me about the 2nd Tier of Third basemen. Which one to take, who has the most upside, etc? Well folks, ask and you shall recieve. Here are the following numbers we will be focusing on when I make my predictions:

Kevin Youkilis2011 Stats3212043168178030.258
3 Yr. Avg.11942881217950.290
2012 Projection3313246682208530.280
Michael Young2011 Stats34159631881110660.338
3 Yr. Avg.15060988188860.315
2012 Projection3515259082139050.304
Ryan Zimmerman2011 Stats2610139552124930.289
3 Yr. Avg.13351082238030.296
2012 Projection2714054184228540.291
Alex Rodriguez2011 Stats359937367166240.276
3 Yr. Avg.12044673259670.277
2012 Projection3613247178248760.275

I think the best way to score this will be to rank each individually by categories. 4 will be most valuable, and 1 will be least valuable.

JT's Pick: Ryan Zimmerman. Although Zimm and Young came out equal, I give the edge to the player in his prime, and on a hot "up-and-coming" team.
It's easy to dismiss this category, since it's usually not counted in a typical FBB league, however it should never be overlooked. Having your guy on the field accruing stats for you is pretty important. In that respect Michael Young has proven his worth. Although he's advancing in age, he has proven to be a rock.

For the past 3 years, it's been more or less a wash, so I will be basing this off 2012 predictions. I feel in the very potent lineup, Young will have the most chances to score runs, whereas Zimmerman with questionable hitters behind him, will score the least.

Again, the 3 year average is a wash, so again I will be basing this of 2012 predictions. The charts show A-Roid will produce the most homers, but I don't buy it. I think at his age, with his roid-less body, he won't match what Zimmerman, a player in his prime will produce. Zimm will beat him out in HRs.

Sticking with my "in his prime" argument, Zimm bucks the conventional predictions, and produces some serious output, while Young, re-upping only has a slight dip in production.

Stolen Bases
None of these guys really steal, but I foresee a desperate A-Roid wanting to do something for his team, since he's not hitting the ball out of the park, so I see him swiping some bags.

It's pretty clear how this one will shake out.

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Kevin YoukilisMichael YoungRyan ZimmermanAlex Rodriguez

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