February 8, 2012

A Deep Look At The Outfield

The top 5 in the outfield are the “Who’s-Who” in 5 category players. Kemp, Ellsbury, McCutchen, CarGo, and Upton all contribute (more or less) in each of the 5 main categories in fantasy baseball (FBB). One would be lucky…nay…blessed to have one of those players on his team (I say his because I assume no women, including my wife & mother, don’t read this), but I quote Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend!” I’m not taking any 1 of those outfielders (this is assuming they all go high in the 1st round). Jeremy, you’re crazy, why wouldn’t you take a known commodity that will contribute to each category? And why should I even listen to the nonsense you are about to spit out? First, you have nothing better to do, so you’ll read on (please read on, if you don’t Furtah will beat me with a sack of batteries), and second, here we go….

I feel outfield is a great position to take some calculated risks. After filling in your infield by grabbing SS/2B early, snatching a 3B after that, and finally rounding it all out with a non-sexy 1B, you’ll be left with the “Boo-Who” (see what I did there?) of outfielders.  But I say great! There’s no better time to draft some high risk high reward players, and there’s no better place to find those types of guys then the outfield. Let’s just walk this way and I’ll show you what I mean (I feel like a car salesman now).

Choo – This model was top of the line just 2 years ago, but some dings and dents hampered him last year. After some heavy work under the hood (off-season) he’ll be ready to roll again.
Crawford – This model had some phantom issues with it. After looking under the hood and scoping the engine, it was found nothing was really wrong. I think some fresh paint and a good wash will get this one up and running again.
Gordon – ok that gag got old for me…Gordon had an out of nowhere great season, so no one feels he can repeat, which is something I’m jumping all over because what’s different from him and Upton?
Jennings – flash in the pan, or serious high flyer? Hhhhiiiiiiiggggghhhhh flyer
Cruz – Dude, just stay healthy for 1 whole year!!
Heyward – after a great rookie campaign he was a huge flop in his sophomore year. I think he has way too much talent to flop again. Great late-ish round pickup.

These are just a few names that highlight the massive potential in the outfield. Each player I listed above can easily produce what those fancy-pants 1st rounders can.

Another point, draft for 2012, not 2011. These players each broke out in 2011, and are “projected” to do it again in 2012, but each has their own risk as well. Where was Kemp in 2010 when he hit .250 and didn’t reach 20 SBs? 9. 9 is the most home runs Ellsbury has ever hit in his professional career up until his 32 in 2011. 9, and that includes the minor leagues. Come on! Where did that come from? These are just a couple facts I wanted to highlight to make you aware that the top 5 are not locks, and the “risks” later in the draft are worth looking into.

Some other late round outfielders I like:
BJ Upton: if he can just get his Avg. up he’d be solid
Bourjos/Maybin – I group these 2 together because I feel they’ll give you similar stats with Bourjos giving you some more HRs, and Maybin SBs
Werth- He won’t giv you what he gave in Philly, but I can see him raising his Avg and RBI total this year

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