January 10, 2012

Top 25 under 25

The Hardball Times (link here; HardBall Times) recently did an analysis of the top 25 players under 25 years old.  I thought it was such a cool list I decided to make my own list.

Lists like these can be a great asset if you are in a keeper or dynasty league for a couple reasons. 
1.) you want to have these players going forward if you plan to be competitive year in and year out and
2.) this is often overlooked...if you are in a tight race midway through the year these players make Great trade chips for a struggling owner looking toward the future.  You may be able to get the exact piece (or pieces) to help you win now even though it may hinder you going forward.  After all, winning is the name of the game! 

As mentioned, the guys at Hardball Times each took a shot at it and you can find all of their lists here; Top 25 Players Age 25 and Younger.  I definately bounced my thoughts off their list, but you'll find my top 25 is quite a bit different, starting at #1...

My Rank- Player

1- Justin Upton
2- Clayton Kershaw
3- King Felix (Hernandez)
4- Mike Stanton
5- Stephen Strasburgh
6- Brett Lawrie
7- Carlos Santana
8- Andrew McCutchen
9- Eric Hosmer
10- Desmond Jennings
11- Bryce Harper
12- Mike Trout
13- Matt Moore
14- Jay Bruce
15- Simon Castro
16- Jason Heyward
17- Michael Pineda
18- Yu Darvish
19- Pablo Sandoval
20- Jesus Montero
21- Mike Moustakas
22- Madison Bumgarner
23- Buster Posey
24- Yovani Gallardo
25- Matt Wieters

As you can see (and as is the theme with most of my lists) I tend to value hitters higher than pitchers.  I also give slight increases to guys who have done it in the majors even though I have very little doubt that Trout and Harper will be just fine. 
Here's a list (in no particular order) of guys who just missed the cut;

D Gordon

Anyway, let me know what you think and feel free to post your own top 25 in the comments. 

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