June 24, 2011

NL Cy Young Preview

R Halladay, PHI - 9
D Hudson, ARI - 9
C Hamels, PHI - 9

R Halladay, PHI - 2.51
C Hamels, PHI - 2.51
C Lee, PHI - 2.87

R Halladay, PHI - 4
C Lee, PHI - 3
C Kershaw, LAD - 2

C Lee, PHI - 3
C Kershaw, LAD - 2
*several with

R Halladay, PHI - 118.1
C Lee, PHI - 113.0
I Kennedy, ARI - 108.2

R Halladay, PHI - 119
C Kershaw, LAD - 117
C Lee, PHI - 114

C Hamels, PHI - 0.93
K Lohse, STL - 1.03
R Halladay, PHI - 1.04

With no surprise to anyone, 1 team has 3 dominate starting pitchers that find themselves in the top 3rd of every major pitching category, the Phillies. With Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay, and Cliff Lee pitching exactly like they were supposed to it’s also no surprise the Phillies find themselves one of the best teams in baseball. Looking at the stats HERE, you can see, like the AL, there is one clear-cut favorite. Roy Halladay.

Now, I hate to continually hand these accolades to the same guys year in, and year out (it seems so lazy), but when a guy deserves it, give it to him. Halladay is having another patented Halladay season. Stellar numbers across the board, and he’s pitching deep into games, which is one of the 1st things I look at when deciding on starting pitchers. This guy is a machine! Of course there is still more then half a season to play, but it’s fun too look at these things and make educated guesses, hypothesizes if you will.

Another cool thing I noticed was Arizona’s young aces, Hudson and Kennedy. These 2 guys are having 2 great seasons and I feel it’s not being highlighted enough. So Kudos to them, and the future of their careers.

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