January 7, 2011

12 Team Mock Draft

Hey there! Well, some friends and I were bored so we did a quick lil 10 round snake draft. Why 10 rounds? Bedtime! I gotta sleep you know! Biggest, Biggest, Biggest thing that stood out to me, is WAIT ON PITCHING! I know, I know, I know....I have been preaching for a couple months on changing your ways and taking it early, but in those sermons I also talked about how pitching is dominating, and hitting is coming up way short. Well, when I actually sat down and drafted it was very prevalent that solid Cy Young type pitchers can be had very late, I'm talking 8th round! 84 players were taken before that! Take a look for yourself on The Rankings Page. 2 teams stood out to me as the best, and 3 were awful. Which team do you think is the best? Worst?

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