December 9, 2009

Granderson Trade

Here's what I think:

Edwin Jackson was overrated. He was the perfect candidate for the sell high deal everyone wants to pull off. He showcased he's a #1 pitcher, then fell apart. So every team got a taste of what he can do, and that's the reason why Detroit was able to get Max Scherzer, left-handers Phil Coke and Daniel Schlereth and outfield prospect Austin Jackson. The trouble is Detroit gave up The Face. Curtis Granderson. I will admit, this one hurt. Being a Detroit fan, I'll miss this guy. I know everyone can knock his home/road splits, his lefty vs. righty splits, but this guy was a baseball player. He loved the game, loved the fans, and always had a smile. He's a good CF, quality bat, and he's obviously got power. He'll be missed.

On the plus side however, we cleared up some cap space, check out the contracts that are ending at the end of next season. Once 2010 is done, we'll have around $92 million. If we can opt out of Magg's 2011 season, we'll have over $100 million. Which means, Dave Dombrowski trading Granderson and EJax cleared up room for us to resign Verlander, and keep Miguel Cabrera long term, which I think is the smartest move. He's building his franchise around those 2 guys. And think of the free agents we'll be able to buy with over $100 million saved.


Updated 12/09
Ordonez, Magglio
5 yr/$75M (05-09)+10-11 opts
Bonderman, Jeremy
4 yr/$38M (07-10)
Willis, Dontrelle
3 yr/$29M (08-10)
Robertson, Nate
3 yr/$21.25M (08-10)
Inge, Brandon
4 yr/$24M (07-10)
Verlander, Justin
1 yr/$3.675M (09)
Laird, Gerald
1 yr/$2.8M (09)
Everett, Adam
Seay, Bobby
1 yr/$1.3M (09)
Bill Rego
1 yr/$0.825M (09)
Zumaya, Joel
1 yr/$0.735M (09)
Miner, Zach
1 yr/$0.4375M (09)
Galarraga, Armando
1 yr/$0.435M (09)
Raburn, Ryan
1 yr/$0.41M (09)
Larish, Jeff
1 yr/$0.403M (09)
Thomas, Clete
1 yr/$0.403M (09)

A few potential Free Agents after this coming season:

Garrett Atkins
Paul Konerko
Victor Martinez
Joe Mauer
Carl Crawford
Adam Dunn
Jermaine Dye
Jayson Werth
Josh Beckett
Jorge De La Rosa
Roy Halladay
Cliff Lee
Brandon Webb